Small Business Coaching

One of the greatest assets a small business owner can have is a mentor – that is, someone who has been in similar situations before who can share their experiences. Sometimes your network might yield a candidate for a mentor, but when that fails, you need someone to turn to.

There are a few criteria for a good mentor – they must have experience that you can rely on, and there needs to be good chemistry between the business owner and the mentor. After all, the mentor will frequently give business advice or suggestions, but, without good chemistry, there is little reason for the business owner to listen. Having a mentor is not about lip-service, but about gaining a valuable resource that can help guide you to success.

Here at Optimal Upgrade Consulting, we provide business mentoring, helping our clients work through the growth and expansion of their businesses. Our focus is primarily on the technology-related aspects to that growth, and how it can be used to facilitate a specific business’ need to grow and expand. If you are looking into growing and expanding your business, and need someone to look at your business in detail and outline what options are available to you, get in touch with us and we’ll arrange a consultation.

Additionally, we follow up with all our recommendations by assisting in the implementation of any recommended strategies. Working with our partner companies, we can help turn your plan into a new reality. For more information about this service, please click here.