Web and Mobile Development

Increasingly over the last few years, more businesses are finding the need to reach out to their customers through a variety digital platforms. Optimal Upgrade Consulting helps businesses with their outreach efforts by developing websites and mobile applications.

In addition to developing the platforms for our clients to reach their audiences, we assist in the development of social media strategies – that is, how sites such as Facebook and Twitter can assist a business communicate with its clients. We train our clients how to listen to what their customers are saying, how to improve their customer service by providing more communication systems that their customers can easily find. We help train business owners to understand how these online communities work, and what kind of strategies might be useful to their business.

Naturally, a website is only useful to those people who find the site, and the success of a site can be measured as a combination of the number of potential customers who find the site along with the percentage of visitors who become customers. We work on the site to ensure that it is designed to be as friendly to search engines as possible, and assist with promoting the site through a variety of venues, both free and paid.