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First Steps for a New Business

I just helped another business get started. No, I wasn’t involved in the product or service being run by the business, but rather, in setting up the business in the world of mass communication and interaction. My wife registered as a Fitness Instructor, and is running a few classes in the area. As she just […]

Best Kind of Advertising

There are two kinds of advertising, one of which has significantly more value than the other. First, of course, is the kind you pay for – taking ads out in print media, buying radio spots, paying for television spots. You can get online and by ad space on various sites, or run an AdWords campaign. […]

Parks and Membership

There are several amusement parks within a short distance of my home – a few zoos, a waterpark, Wonderland. The cost of admission for a single day is quite expensive, up to $75 per person per day. The cost of a season’s pass, though, is quite cheap by comparison, costing in the area of 2-5 […]

All Roads Lead Home

In life, there are many paths to take, and many paths for others to take. The reality is that you cannot know in advance which paths will be taken, and which will be ignored. As a result, you must guess which paths will be most traveled, and put your advertisements there. This is akin to […]

Site Review: Alltop

I recently had my site added to Small Business on Alltop (scroll down to the bottom – I’m not the last site on the page, but close). This got me thinking about the concept of the site itself, and what it represents. First, for those of you who don’t already know, Alltop is essentially an […]