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Personal Mannerisms and Business

In the workplace, whether large or small, the personalities of people in the environment are rapidly recognized by all. Whether it’s peers, supervisors, or subordinates, people understand how those around them will act in many scenarios, especially those common to the workplace. Failure to recognize this fact can have serious ramifications. Of course, most people […]

Don’t Ride Along the Fence

I’m surprised to learn on a regular basis about yet another company that was caught doing something shady (or, in many cases, flat-out illegal), and is then somewhat perplexed that they got caught. Dubbed cynical by many people, I still find it surprising that more people have not learned to adapt to the fact that […]

What’s Your Mindset?

Every company has a mindset, and it often reflects the personality of the person leading the company. If the leader of the company is laid back and likes to operate his business that way, then the impression that filters down will be one of a laid-back attitude. If he’s a stickler for the rules, then […]