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Sharp Reversals

In business, when progress seems to have embarked on a downward spiral, a sudden reversal can be key to survival. The ability to look at the business objectively, and see where the new opportunities lie, can spell the difference between the life and death of a company. However, when the spiral has existed from the […]

No News is Bad News

There’s a famous saying: No news is good news. which many believe to be true. In business, however, where other people are involved, whether they be customers, vendors or employees, little could be further from the truth. Not everyone likes to be informed of every little change, but when change is happening, people generally like […]

The Entrepreneur’s Prayer

A well known prayer, originally authored by Reinhold Niebuhr, reads as follows: God, grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference. This prayer, with it’s insight to perspective on life’s challenges, has been used by various organizations looking to […]

Hiring Without Cultural Change

When a company undergoes expansion, especially in the early years, there is a risk of changes being made to the culture of the company. When the entire company switches from being able to fit into a single [large] room to requiring several thousand square feet of space in each of their 14 new offices, cultural […]

Fundamental Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes, change needs to happen. Often, the acknowledgement of this is triggered by a major event, also known as a wake-up call. There are really two ways to go about handling this, and I’ll describe both, along with practical examples of each. After that, I leave it to you to decide how you might proceed. […]

Generation WHY

Although there is no clear-cut date for when Generation Y began, or when it ended (if, in fact, it has already ended, although this is a near-universal opinion), I am personally part of that generation, being born in 1982. However, it wasn’t until recently that I thought of myself in such terms, and then largely […]

Changes for 2010

This site is changing (just a bit) in the upcoming year. Here’s the plan…

How do you Network?

Where and how do you network? Why do you network that way, and how could your existing networking be improved? What changes might you make to your networking activities, if you were able to?