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Show That You Care

I placed an order a few days ago for an item listed as next day delivery. A few minutes after completing the order on the site, I got an email that read as follows: Thank you for ordering with Business X Delivery! Your order has been received and is being processed. Your order is scheduled […]

Living the Life

I set foot inside the Apple store for perhaps my first time earlier this week, and was quite impressed by the entire experience. While I am not a committed user of their products in general, I still found the trip into the store to be quite memorable. The store was unlike many other technology stores […]

Twitter Strikes Again

I recently purchased a new computer from a certain manufacturer with whom I’ve done business many times before. I was purchasing a laptop they had advertised in a catalog, and the price I ultimately paid was $50 less than I had expected based on the price advertised, and included a [nice] carrying case. I immediately […]