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Response Time and PR

I’m fortunate in that I get little enough email that I can generally respond within a day to most queries. However, being in contact with many people who receive far more messages than I do, I’m familiar with the concept of dealing with vast quantities of mail. This week, I had to contact a company […]

Striving for Perfection

I recently read an interesting comment on the pursuit of perfection: The amount of effort required to bring something from “good enough” to “perfect” is rarely worth it. My initial reaction to this, as well as the reaction of most people I repeated this to, was that clearly the author doesn’t take pride in a […]

The View Matters

In reading Scott Berkun’s book Making Things Happen, I learned quite a bit about managing projects. Scott’s background is similar to my own – for years, he was (and possibly still is) a project manager for Microsoft, overseeing large teams working on fairly extensive projects. With a technical background, he wrote the book with a […]

Great Customer Service

At the suggestion of my accountant, I went onto the Intuit website to purchase a copy of QuickBooks. I had been told that by mentioning my accounting firm, I would be eligible for a 10% discount. However, when it came time to place the order, I could not find a way to inform Intuit of […]

Wells Fargo and How Not to Make Customers Happy

An associate of mine forwarded me an article regarding a recent ruling against Wells Fargo regarding overdraft fees. The essence of the complaint was as follows: In 2001, Wells Fargo, the largest U.S. home lender, changed the way it treated daily debit transactions and cash withdrawals so that transactions with the highest dollar amount posted […]

Good Customer Service

I just got off the phone with my cell phone provider having had a very good experience. This is what customer service should be like – reasonable, helping me figure out what I need, and then getting it for me at a reasonable price. I’ve been with Telus for seven years, and have always had […]

Are Your Customers Happy?

In businesses of all size, keeping your customers happy is important, but measuring that can be quite difficult for some businesses. In past articles, I’ve discussed the handling of negative image incidents, such as how the Toronto Transit Commission handled the picture of a sleeping collector agent, and how Toyota handled the safety flaw in […]