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Don’t Ride Along the Fence

I’m surprised to learn on a regular basis about yet another company that was caught doing something shady (or, in many cases, flat-out illegal), and is then somewhat perplexed that they got caught. Dubbed cynical by many people, I still find it surprising that more people have not learned to adapt to the fact that […]

The Art of Customer Management

Dealing with clients is not part of a Computer Science degree. Here are some suggestions for working with clients who come to you with a bad idea.

Trading Cards

Do you share your business cards as often as possible?

New FTC Regulations

The Federal Trade Commission (U.S. agency for my non-American readers) released its official guide to those receiving goods or services in exchange for endorsements. According to the official title, it affects advertisers, bloggers, and celebrities endorsing a product (click here for the full report). The guidelines include, among other things, that the person making the […]

When the Schedule Slips

Planning schedules for projects can be difficult. When the schedule begins to slip, what should you, as a vendor, be doing? How can you repair the relationship with the client?

Business and Karma – An Ethical Decision

The past can come back to bless you, or haunt you. Without a crystal ball to predict when the past will return, you’re better off erring on the side of caution and always being ethical and upfront with your actions.