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Knowledge and Experience

I participated this week in a chat regarding the difference between knowledge and experience, and, more specifically, whether or not formal education is worth the price paid. Living in Canada, the price of an undergraduate degree is about $25,000 which is significantly lower than in the US. As a result, the length of time required […]

Book Education vs. Job Training

I have a degree from university, for which I spent 5 years taking a variety of courses on several subjects. Taking about 10-12 courses per year, that works out to about 50-60 courses. That’s quite a bit of education when you think about it: about 2000 hours of education in class. As a rule of […]

Life is a Roller Coaster

I listened to a talk this afternoon in which the speaker started off with a single statement: We all screw up on occasion. While that’s certainly true, it seems that some people are more prone to errors than others. Some people seem to have the Midas touch, with everything they come in contact with turning […]