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Gen Y and Authority

In an earlier article, I discussed Generation Y and its questions, or its attitude toward questions. Recently, I was exposed to another difference between Generation Y and X, or, more generally, those of us who grew up in the world of mass exposure to information and those who did not. When reading information from any […]

Generation WHY

Although there is no clear-cut date for when Generation Y began, or when it ended (if, in fact, it has already ended, although this is a near-universal opinion), I am personally part of that generation, being born in 1982. However, it wasn’t until recently that I thought of myself in such terms, and then largely […]

Site Review: Under 30 CEO

There are many people who are tired of working for someone else. Tired of working for some large corporation. Tired of working in a business built by members of previous generations. We have something in common. We belong to Generation Y. I made the discovery of a group of people dedicated to helping members of […]