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A Newspaper's Saviour: E-Readers

With costs on the constant rise, and convenience becoming one of the most important factors for consumers, newspapers are facing hard times. Managing the cost of creating, printing, and distributing content is becoming more difficult. On top of that, a newspaper at your doorstep no longer represents convenience, especially when the same content is available […]

Dragons' Den – Scribble Live

I read in the National Post yesterday, in their weekly review of Dragons’ Den, that the Scribble Live deal didn’t make it, although the founders are in talks with other investors, including Brett Wilson, one of the dragons who did not make a deal on the show. Interesting.

Toronto Drives Away Businesses

Two articles were published today in response to a survey about running a business in Toronto. The first was in the National Post (click here for the full article); the second on 680 News (click here for that article). Both were of the opinion that changes to legislation regarding businesses have been encouraging business owners […]