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Business Continuity and Dependencies

When the landlord announced a significant increase in the monthly rent, one small business began to get concerned. Running a fitness facilty has significant overhead, and budgets had been carefully calculated to allow for a certain number of classes to run, for the upkeep of the equipment, and for staff to stay on site. The […]

When You Work for Yourself

Perhaps one of the factors of life as the self-employed freelancer is in regard to what happens when you get sick. Or, if it isn’t you who gets sick, a family member who you have to care for. Even for those under the impression that they rarely get sick, it tends to happen, as Murphy’s […]

Working for Equity Doesn’t Always Work

Working in IT, a common occurrence is to hear about projects being run by a group of people who believe in the product, and are essentially donating their time. Money is generally budgeted in such projects toward difficult-to-avoid expenses, such as incorporation fees, or for services which they cannot get donated. However, occasionally a skill […]

A Time for Action

Usually, this article would be dedicated to a particular pitch from the previous week’s episode of Dragons’ Den, but today, it’s focused on a piece of advice issued on the den. With a business trying to move forward rapidly before they had a sufficiently strong business model, Arlene Dickinson of Venture Communications made an interesting […]

Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best

I spent a few hours this week at a conference on family law, hosted by a law firm, and catering to accountants and financial advisors. The subject of the conference, which takes place annually, was succession planning, something that people don’t really want to talk about until it’s too late (and sometimes not even then). […]

In-house and Out-sourced

A debate got quite lively over at On Startups regarding the benefits of the two options a company has when it comes to developing technology, that is, should the development be outsourced, or should a team be hired internally (Is Hiring Another Software House to Build my Web-based App Prototype a Good Idea?). I am […]