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Best Kind of Advertising

There are two kinds of advertising, one of which has significantly more value than the other. First, of course, is the kind you pay for – taking ads out in print media, buying radio spots, paying for television spots. You can get online and by ad space on various sites, or run an AdWords campaign. […]

Promise to Deliver

I ordered Chinese food last week, and my fortune cookie read: Only promise what you are sure you can deliver Of course, this is common sense, but as with many of the articles on this site, that’s exactly what I discuss. After all, common sense isn’t all that common. All too often, we are tempted […]

Pitching for a Homerun

If you spend time networking, or if you are the owner of a small business, you are constantly on the lookout for ways to promote yourself. You have a business card that has your contact information, and a website that has more detailed information about your business. However, you need something more – you need […]