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Question: How do you calculate salary?

When you hire a new employee in an area for which you have no internal measure to use as a baseline, you must decide how much to offer a prospect in terms of salary. If you’re hiring in an area for which there are industry statistics relative to your location, then that clearly can be […]

The Difference Between Marketing and Sales

I have a client with an interesting employee – he can take a product, and figure out who the best customers of this product are. He knows how to reach those people, as well as the people who would ultimately pay for the product. He can get these people to seriously consider using his product […]

Living the Life

I set foot inside the Apple store for perhaps my first time earlier this week, and was quite impressed by the entire experience. While I am not a committed user of their products in general, I still found the trip into the store to be quite memorable. The store was unlike many other technology stores […]