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Running Meetings Effectively

A recurring problem that many people have is running meetings effectively – that is, where the meetings in hindsight are not deemed a waste of time – for any of the participants. This can be quite problematic, as different people coming to a meeting will often have different objectives, and reaching everyone’s objective in a […]

Striving for Perfection

I recently read an interesting comment on the pursuit of perfection: The amount of effort required to bring something from “good enough” to “perfect” is rarely worth it. My initial reaction to this, as well as the reaction of most people I repeated this to, was that clearly the author doesn’t take pride in a […]

Growth and the Panic Response

Having given presentations in the past on time management (for example, my recent talk at Freelance Camp TO), I started to wonder about people’s abilities to manage their time well. What I discovered, though, through watching specific companies and people struggle with time management, is that even people who are good at managing their time […]

Time Management and Procrastination

This article is based on a presentation I gave at Freelance Camp TO on Sunday, October 3, 2010. Hi, my name is Elie Kochman, and for the last four years, I’ve been working as a freelancer. When Rachel asked me to present this session, I was amused. I had, after all, missed the deadline for […]

Quiet Work and Make Work

One of my first tasks at my new job was to set up source control and a test server for the client. Previously, the client had relied on their development company’s servers to provide this, but with their new approach of bringing all the development in-house, it was necessary to create these environments. The creation […]

I Missed It

I just got back from a trip to Israel a few days ago. Knowing that my internet access while away would be limited, I wrote the articles to be published while I was away before leaving. Prepared for jet lag on my return, I also wrote a couple articles for the days after my return. […]

When Time Runs Out

I came to a realization last night that my various commitments will eventually cause time to run out if I’m not careful, and I suspect that I am not alone in this situation. In fact, anyone who is working a full-time job alongside some moon-lighting, factor in a family, and some time for friends, not […]